Tuesday 4/8/2015

Skill / Extended Warm UP
5 min - freestanding handstands  


A )4x5 bench press
B) 4x10 bent over row

3 rounds  
1 min hspu  
1 min deadlift 225/155
1 min OHS 95/65
1 min rest 
Score = total reps

From the Coach...

It's great to be back.  I had the opportunity while back in the USA to visit several CrossFit affiliates as well as interact with many different athletes and coaches.  I even taught a seminar on some keys for the snatch and jerk.  Anytime you have the chance to go and watch a hundred athletes move at other boxes, it tends to give you a broader perspective about your own athletes.  Yesterday, as I was coaching our 6pm, I looked around and saw ALL (seriously all, I double checked) 17 athletes doing good thrusters.  Everyone had good rack position, was squatting with balanced feet, and were keeping the important vertical torso and lumbar curve in the bottom position.  I know for certain that many you could not perform a proper thruster when you started foundations.  What that tells me is there is a real culture of dedication in our box.  That our athletes care about their fitness and therefore care about putting in the work to move perfectly.  The resultsof your hard work are tangible and genuine.  From a coaches perspective, there is nothing more important.