Thursday 6/8/2015


15 min to find a heavy power snatch 


Game of  ... 

500 m row   - 9 rm back squat

500 m row - 6 rm front squat

500 m row - 3 rm OHS  


2:20 500 m row and 135 lb 9 rep back squat

140 seconds - 135 lbs = 5

lowest score wins



From the Coach...
Injuries = opportunity.  The fastest way to make improvements in CrossFit is to address weaknesses.  Most injuries (aside from freak accidents) are weakness that have become so severe that  the structures in your body can no longer accommodate.  So really, an injury is an opportunity to slow down, and really focus on addressing the weakness that led to the injury.  Don't be a person who lets an injury sideline you into a couch potato who then come back 2 months later and complains how out of shape they are (I've been there too many times)  Be the person who uses the unique opportunity to slow down, and really focus on the chinks in your armor.  That injury may end up being the best thing that ever happened to you.