Wednesday 12/8/2015


Partner GAME Wednesday
Establish your Partner Karen time - 150 Wall Balls
30 seconds Partner 1 / 30 seconds Partner 2

Rest 3 min.  

Each partner then gets 7 rounds to "erase" some of their Karen time.  
30 seconds Partner 1 / 30 seconds Partner 2

***Lateral Bar Over Burpees and Power Snatches at 75/55 are equally worth -2 seconds.

Example - My partner and I finish Karen in 6:30.  We rest 3 min.  We then complete a total of 150 burpees and power snatches.  That would equal -300 seconds or - 5 min.  Our time (score) is our( Karen time of 6;30) - (5 min) for a total that = 1:30.  

From the Coach...
Pengiran Muda Omar Ali has requested the help and support of 673 to sponsor the Museum Race Brunei 2015.  ( On Sunday, Aug 23rd 100 Teams of 4 will go to Tasek Merimbun near Tutong and embark on a 1.6 km trail.  There will be 4 physical activity stations (simple but fun) on that trail that 673 will coordinate. Two time slots....9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm are available to volunteer.  Would you consider coming out and lending a hand?  A sign up sheet will be on the white board.