Wednesday 10/6/2015

Rope Climbs

2 rounds
25 wall balls 20/14
200 meter run with wall ball
25 plate ground to oh  35/25
200 m run with plate

From the Coach...
Chasing the best dream
We all have dreams in our hearts.  Whether we call these goals, or passions, or milestones, we all have things deep inside that we want to do, things we feel like we were created to do.  And while "just do it" is really trendy right now (thanks Nike and Shia Labeouf we often find ourselves wondering which step to take.   I have 3 questions (one today, one Thursday, and one Friday) for you to ask yourself in order to help you take that one step forward in chasing down your dream.

Question #1  How does the story end? 

Imagine the end of your story … and work backwards.  Imagine you achieved your goal, you accomplished your pursuit, and you chased down your dream.  Did you create unique opportunities for others?  Did the others who were apart of your dream benefit?  No matter what your dream is, your destiny is to be a blessing to others… and the only way for you to unlock your full potential is to pursue a dream that ends with yourself AND others on the winning side.  Greg Glassman, the CEO of CrossFit Inc. defines business as “the art and science of providing uniquely attractive opportunities for other people."  Which of your dreams fit this definition?  Or which dream, if slightly revamped, could?  Take note of the ones that fit the bill and stayed tuned for question number 2 tomorrow.