Tuesday 9/6/2015

HS Hold

5x5 Bench Press

5 rds
3 Cleans at 185 (full)
200 m Run
20 kb swings 24/20
2 min rest

From the Coach...
A continuation from yesterday...

The best athletes down in Sydney all have something in common.  They live unconditionally.  To live unconditionally means to pursue your goals in such a way where your "conditions" don't ever deter you, your circumstances never cause you to quit, and your life and all your problems (we all got them) only motivate you.  People who live unconditionally set a goal, and they pursue that goal no matter what.  Knee injury? I'll use the time off to work on handstands,  Raining?  Great, I'll row.  Had a bad competition?  I'll prepare smarter next time.  Had a bad year of competition?  Okay, I need to revamp my entire program.  Get the idea?  Of course, again, this doesn't just apply to athletes or to CrossFit.  

People who live unconditionally only allow their life circumstances to motivate them.  What they have decided to do is non negotiable and, regardless of the setbacks, they keep moving forward.  One of the most powerful declarations a person can make is  "This is where I am going and I won't stop until I get there.  Why live any other way.  If what you have set out to do is good, it blesses others, and it energizes you, why let any set back stand in the way?  

Although this is a shared attribute of so many successful people, the secret is in the choosing of the goal.   When the right thing is pursued for the right reasons, the drive and passion becomes unlocked.  Tomorrow's post will be about chasing the right dream.  Stay tuned.