Kipping 5x5 (go for straight legged toes to bar)

Front Squat 5x5

Half Angie - 20 minute time cap
50 Squats
50 Push Ups
50 Sit Ups
50 Pull Ups

From the Coach...
Now that the craziness of BOSE and Regionals is behind us, "From the Coach" is back!  One of the simplest lessons I learned from being around some of the best CrossFitters in the world came from 2015 Games Qualifiers Kevin Manuel and Rob Forte.  Kevin is tall, six foot one tall, and he is really good at HSPU.  Doesn't make sense.  Rob is short, five foot seven short, and he is really good at rope climbs.  Doesn't make sense.  When asking them about their secret, they both said the same thing.  
"For a couple years, I did them every day."
 Thats it?  
"Yup, that's it."

Now, of course there is more to it than that.  But the simple truth remains the same, if you want to be really good at something, you have to work at it.  Kevin is 6 foot 1, he has to put in 2 times the work of the smaller guy just to match him.  To beat him, he has to put in 3 times the work.  He did, and now he's off to Carson.  This isn't just for Games athletes and its not just for the box.  If you want it, you have to work at it, and you must be willing to work at it, until you get it.