Friday 12/6/2015

push press 5x5

WOD - 15 min time cap
40 cal row
30 thrusters 95/65
20 pull ups
400 m run

From the Coach...

Chasing the best dream
We all have dreams in our hearts.  Whether we call these goals, or passions, or milestones, we all have things deep inside that we want to do, things we feel like we were created to do.  And while "just do it" is really trendy right now (thanks Nike and Shia Labeouf we often find ourselves wondering which step to take.   I have 3 questions (one Wednesday, one Thursday, and one Friday) for you to ask yourself in order to help you take that one step forward in chasing down your dream.

Question #3 "What am I willing to sacrifice to get it?"
Another way of saying this is "How bad do I want it?"  "

"I really want to lose 15 kg, but I just can't."  No no, you can lose 15 kg, trust me. But you have to decide you want to lose 15kg more than eat ice cream.   Its a priorities thing.

The bigger priority in your life, the more chance you have of accomplishing it is what you want.  If you have already determined you truly want something, but are still not seeing your desire or dream fulfilled, chances are your priorities don't set you up for success.  At the same time, there can be a magic scenario where your greater priorities actually help you accomplish your lesser goals.  Here is an example...

I want to make the CrossFit games in 2016.  But, I can tell you right now that I am NOT willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING to get it.  I always have been and will always be a faith/family/community guy first and I will not sacrifice those things in order to get my goal.  Thankfully, my faith drives me and gives me strength, my family supports me and joins my pursuit, and my community pushes me, honors me, and helps me train.  

To me, this is one of the ultimate scenarios a person can ask for.  When your supreme priorities actually support your lesser goals.  I'm thankful everyday to be in such a great position!

Three Day Recap
1.  Choose a dream where the end result is unique opportunities for other people 
2. Narrow in on something you actually want.  (This is so important)
3. Determine how bad you want it and either adjust your expectations or your priorities to be in line with the level of sacrifice your willing to undergo.