Monday 1/6/2015



Done with a partner.  Reps may be apportioned anyway, anyhow with that partner.  Time Cap is 26 minutes.  


Billing Options and Instructions – RCF673

Pay Pal Subscription on (subscribe button)

·      $125 / month

·      Must be a PayPal member

·      Can set for auto withdraw to avoid late payment

One time payment on (buy now button)

·      $125/month

·      Do not need to be PayPal member (but it is still through Pay Pal)

·      $20 late fee if not paid by 2nd of every month.

One time direct deposit to our Baiduri bank account (buy now button)

·      $125/month

·      $20 late fee if not paid by 2nd of every month.

·      See me for bank details.

New Drop in Package on (buy now button)

·      8 classes for $115.

·      2 Month expiration periods from date of purchase.

Thank you for being apart of our community.   When you get a chance, please check your credit card statements to make sure you have been billed properly.  We have over 50 memberships that haven’t gone through for various reasons like insufficient funds, cards that have expired, as well as errors on Baiduri’s end.  We recognize this is our problem and absolutely not yours, but if you could help us we would appreciate it immensely.   We apologize for the inconvenience and hope this new system works better for everyone.