Tuesday 4/7/2015

5x5 Front Squat or Bench Press

24 Min AMRAP
400m Run
20 Hang Squat Cleans (95/65)
200m Farmers Walk (16/12)

If you end on the run or farmers walk, take note of your time where you begin.  For example, if I complete 2 full rounds at 22:30, I will not have enough time to finish the run, so my score would be 2.0 @ 22:30.  Likewise if I ended on the farmers carry, my score would be 2.21 @ 22:30.

From the Coach
I love to compete.  In fact, I think competing is one of the most benefical and rewarding activities you can engage in.  Why?  Here is one thought of many...

Competition is your opportunity to be inspired.  Competition takes what you thought was possible, and makes your dream bigger.  When you compete and someone performs better than you, it presents you with a unique opportunity.  You have the opportunity to 

1.   honor someone else's incredible achievement
2   choose to believe that you have the power to do the same.  
3.  act in such a way that reflects your new belief.

To compete -  utilizing the people around you to forge a new level of hope and self confidence,  that would have otherwise, been impossible. 

Example - I did 15.5 in a time of 6:32.  After doing the workout, I would have thought the best guys in the world would have been around 5:45.  Maybe someone perfectly built for the workout could go 5:35.  Then I saw Matt Fraser put up 5:19.  5 foot, 6 inch tall Matt Fraser.  I wouldn't have thought it was possible.  But I watched his video over and over, and guess what...its possible.  His thrusters are fast, but not overly fast.  And his rowing is incredible, but at only 5 foot 6 he has a huge disadvantage.  I never dreamed sub 5 - 15.5 could ever be done by anyone, but after watching him, the world now knows it can.  Now this is a personal example, but what is yours.   Who inspires you?  What do they inspire you to do?

Here is an HQ video following the Froning and Fraser competition -
(this video has some "language," may not be work safe)