Partner Wod Wednesday


WOD - 30 min Cap
Partner Angie Plus
100 Squats
100 Pull Ups
100 Hand Release Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
1 Mile Run

Complete with a partner.  Reps may be apportioned between partners in any amount, but all 100 reps of each movement must be completed before you move on the next.  Only one partner may work at a time.  

Why does sugar suck? (When I refer to sugar, I am mainly referring to Fructose and High Fructorse Corn Syrup, not the naturally occurring Fructose found in fruit like oranges.)  Sugar sucks for a lot of reasons, but here I will give you one.  It doesn't satisfy.  That's right, it doesn't make you full.  Actually, it can often make you more hungry.  Try it munching on some sugary sweet popcorn during a movie.  Oh, and add a soda, and add some m&m's too.  Yes, you can easily snack during the entire movie.  Now how about oranges?  Anyone ever able to eat oranges for 2 straight hours?  Or lamb chops?  Ever snuggled up with a loved one and ate lamb chops through a few episodes of Game of Thrones?  Well, if you haven't tried, you couldn't.  Why?  Two reasons among many others; fiber and protien.  These two things, as confirmed by mountains of research, make you feel full.  So how to feel more satisfied and become a lean machine?  Substitute your sugar with foods rich in fiber and protein.   And do CrossFit.