Monday 27/4/2015


5x3 pause front squat or close grip bench press

***heavy as possible


2 rds for time

800 m run

25 thrusters 65/45

15 pull ups


From the Coach... 


I am returning from the Manila Throwdown this weekend.  It was a very well run event with lots of energy and lots of people who love competative fitness.  The workouts were challenging.  As many of you know, event 3, "the walking dead" asks the athlete to walk 4 Rds of 10 meters...on their hands.    Three years ago, handstand walking was only for elite games athletes.  Now, the bar has been raised  and we are asking local athletes to rise to the challenge. Some people did amazing, walking farther than they thought they could, and some struggled and left disappointed.  But, even though two different performances were seen, one result is fairly certain.  Everyone will work on these for next year and be way way better at them next year.  There will always be a time when the programming asks you to do something you can't. That's a given.  But how you respond when it does, that's character.  


The Manila throwdown is a local throwdown held by CrossFit MNL and is also the host site of the East Sectional of the Asia Championships.  The Top 5 male/female will compete at the Asia Championships in Bangkok June 19-21.