ANZAC Saturday 26/4/2015


CrossFit Level 1 coach Damien Brown aka "Brownie" will be taking is us through .... 


1 Round for time of

200m Run


24/16 KBS

Pull ups

50/30 kg front squats

 From Coach Brownie...

Hero WODs are meant to be tough and test your physical and mental ability. They are a dedication to those Hero’s who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Those hero’s have usually endured a similar regime of training and preparation to get them ready for their jobs. Whenever I’ve participated in Hero WOD’s I’ve always 
“embraced the suck” and suffered knowing that the dedicated person would have suffered through the same preparation in their day to day lives to enable them for their jobs within the Military or Emergency services. That same person who has given the ultimate sacrifice would also love to be able to come back and run/push/train/heave beside you to complete the WOD.

PTE Gallagher and LCPL McDonald were serving together with Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) in Afghanistan when they were tragically killed in a helicopter crash on 30 August, 2012.

McDonald enjoyed the heavy lifts such as front squats, and was known to swing up a kettlebell. Strength was his game. Therefore the front squat and kettlebell swings are for him.

PTE Gallagher was a man who loved metabolic conditioning workouts. He was fast, strong, and quick to find a pull up bar for his fitness programming. The pull ups and 200m runs are for him.