Thursday 2/4/2015


5x5 sumo deadlift or push press


16 min Amrap

200 m run

3 muscle ups


Heierarcy for Muscle Up

Ring Muscle Up

Bar Muscle Up

3 chest to bar/3 ring dips

3 pull ups/3 strict push up

3 banded pull ups/3 scaled push up

From the Coach... 

On Tuesday I saw something cool.  With 5 seconds left in the WOD someone sprinted to the bar and made one last effort at a toes to bar in the next round. They missed it, but they left all they had on the table.  One of the things I love about intense workouts is how much they teach you about yourself.  How do you spend the last 30 seconds of your workout?  Do you stop early?  Do you do a few reps but really back off?  If you are ahead of someone do you slow down?  My advice: BECOME a person who finishes strong.  I'm not talking about finishing dizzy and ready to puke, I'm talking about finishing technically sound, in control, and strong!  It's a character trait and it doesn't come naturally to most people, myself included. It's a mentality that must be forged.  Use the box as a labratory for transformation and learn the art of finishing strong.  It's who you are made to be.