Monday 20/4/2105

Skill Strength
5x5 Front Squat or Bench Press
This is our last week of 5x5.  Next 4 weeks will be new movements and rep schemes.  After that month we will return to 5x5 and see if #GAINZ are made.  

4 rounds
60 seconds Hang Squat cleans 95/65
30 seconds transition
60 seconds Pull Ups
30 seconds transition

From the Coach...
Jump Ropes Announcement.  Tomorrow I will give giving away the majority of our jump ropes/jump rope handles.  Whatever is left will be thrown away.  We will be putting in an order of ropes so if you would like one, please mark sign up sheet at the box.  Payment will be through envelope in the mailbox at the box and must be in advance.

 Option 1 -  RPM ropes - The Ferrari ($70 bnd) (custom lettering is $10 per handle) 

Options 2 - The BMW.  ($30 BND) 

Option 3 - The Toyota  - ($5 BND)  Grab some old handles from the box and order a new cable for it.  $5

Of course, you can order your own.  Or, if you already have one you like, great, use that.  All that to say, we will no longer be furnishing ropes at the box.  It is the belief of our training staff that your rope is crucial to your success in the single, double, or triple under.  It needs to be a size, weight, and feel that you are comfortable with.  Not only this, but it needs to be consistent!  It is very difficult to learn to skip effectively with a different rope each time.  So, pick a rope for you, and lets get these double unders down!