Last Chance Monday 9/3/2015

5x5 Front Squat

15.2 Repeats 
30 Wall Ball Shots 20/14
100 DU
30 Wall Ball Shots
100 DU
30 Wall Ball Shots

From the Coach...
Want to be a world changer?  Want to influence those around you?  Want to have an impact on those you care about?  

Start here.  Tie something around your right wrist.  A bracelet, a rubber brand, a piece of string...from sun up to sun down, do your best to only say positive things.  If you say something negative, move the item around your right wrist to your left.  Let it serve as a reminder and start fresh the next morning.  How long will it take you to keep it on the right side for a whole day?

 The greatest gift you can give to the world around you is to learn and master the art of staying positive in all circumstances.   - Me -