Tuesday 31/3/2015

5x5 Bench Press or Sumo Deadlift

5 Rounds
5 T2B
5 Pull Ups
10 Push ups
15 OHS 65/45

From the Coach...
Congratulations on a great open season!  What an incredible experience to see so many people give everything they have to give.  My favorite part of the open was hands down 15.5.  It was this workout where I got to see people make decisions..."Can I do RX?  Ok, I think I can, but do I want to do RX?...and take on a potential 30 minute workout?  30 minutes of pain?  So many people chose to test themselves and get over the fear, only to find themselves with a sub 25 or sub 20 score.  Well done.  Now can't wait to see the final team standings.... !