Thursday 26/3/2015

5x5 Push Press or 5x5 Sumo Deadlift

7 Rds
1 min Burpee Box Jump Over
1 min Rest

*Last week we did 7 minutes straight of Burpee Box Jump Overs, no rest.  This week we are giving 1 minute rest between rounds to test how well you can recover in a rest period.  Same amount of time to work,  but the intensity should be much, much higher.  

From the Coach...
Everyone in our facility has the same be more powerful across broad time and modal domains.  We know what power looks like physically and we know how to pursue it  

How about outside the gym?  How about within relationships?  What does being powerful look like?  Being powerful involves 3 things...
1.  Powerful people clearly define how to be in relationship with them.
2. Powerful people clearly define how to get out of relationship with them.
3. Powerful people clearly define how to restore relationship with them.

Here is a funny example...Everyone knows that I don't tolerate vulgar music at the box.  I don't ask anyone to share my opinion, but I do protect my own.  As soon as a song comes on that starts talking about "biaaaatches" or something derogatory about God, I walk over, and I switch the song.  If Rihanna and Kanye want to play in my gym, they gotta honor God and women.  They don't offend  me, they don't make me angry, they just don't value my values and therefore, they don't play.  (For the record, I have no idea what  Rihanna and Kanye sing about, its just an example :)

Take a quick minute to think about if you are a powerful person.  Tomorrow I will give a real life example of how this works in actual relationship instead of with an ipod.  Now, its time to get ready for tomorrow, its the LAST OPEN WORKOUT OF 2015!