Partner WOD Wednesday 25/3/2015

WOD - 16 min AMRAP with a partner

1 Partner Completes AMRAP
10 Deadlifts 155/105
10 Box Jump overs 24/20

1 Partner Completes 
200 M run

Partners switch after each completed 200 m run, score = total dead lifts and box jumps

From the Coach...
This post has absolutely nothing to do with CrossFit but happened at the box :)
Anger is a funny thing.  As many of you witnessed the other day (and helped, thank you!) Jaimon disappeared at the box without telling anyone.  We sought to stay calm, but as we kept looking, he was nowhere to be found.  At the point where fear was about to take over and the panic button was about to be pressed (many of you were running around the parking lot at that point)  we found him upstairs playing with friends, completely unaware of the problem.  I. WAS. ANGRY. 

Anger is an attempt to manipulate someone.  The truth is, I was relieved, but I acted angry because I wanted him to feel bad and not do it again.  Did I really think that getting angry is going to help him make a better decision next time?  Nope, bad parenting.  Rarely is anger helpful in any parenting. I don't want J making decisions because he is afraid, afraid of what I will do, afraid of what I will say.  I want Jaimon to make decisions because he values our relationship and connection and he would never want to break it.  I want our relationship to mean so much to him that he wouldn't consider doing something that would put something between us.  Looks like I got some work to do :)