Open Prep Thursday

5x5 Muscle Clean to Strict Press
5x5 SDL

7 Minute amrap

Burpee Box Jump 24/20

From the Coach...
Coaches, athletes, and the community all have unique roles regarding safety.  

The Coaches Role...
The coaches role regarding safety is to encourage a safe environment.  This includes safe programming, safe equipment, a safe area to work out, and safe instruction.  This safe environment is not limited to only the physical but also includes facilitating an emotionally safe environment as well.

The Athletes Role...
The athlete's role regarding safety is to manage themselves.  It is to strictly adhere to the mantra of technique, then consistent technique, then and only then, up the intensity.  If the athlete is injured, is their responsibility to seek out a coach to find an appropriate scale.  If the athlete is at any point uncomfortable with the recommendation, it is always their option to stop, to modify, to scale further, or rest.  Your coach is not infallible, and only you truly know your body and what you are capable of.  Coaches will do their best to help, but at the end of the day, you are responsible for you.

The Community's Role...
The role of the community is to look out for one another, to "consider others before they consider themselves."  The role of the community is also to encourage the role of the athlete.  ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Before you assume someone is doing a movement incorrectly, assume the likely reality that they are scaling.  Are they stepping up on a box jump when the coaches said "no step ups?"  Assume they are scaling.  Are they Power Cleaning instead when the board said full clean?  Assume they are scaling.  Encourage the observance of technique, consistency in technique, and then and only then, the increase of intensity.