Heavy Tuesday

5x5 Front Squat or 5x5 Bench Press

20 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20
20 Deadlifts @ 265/175
20 Bar Over Burpees
20 Pistols

80 foot HS Walk


From the Coach...
The coach, the athlete, and the community all have different roles regarding quality movement standards.

Role of a Coach...
For example, on a wall ball, the commitment of the coach is too look for optimal ball position, for mid-line stability in the bottom position, for feet that are balanced, for knees that are tracking in line with toes, for a smooth catch and transition, etc.  If an athlete is struggling with any of these things, the role of a coach is to teach, see, and correct the athlete in hope s of achieving better movement.

Role of an Athlete... 

On a wall ball, it is the ATHLETES job to do the movement as technically perfect as possible while going to proper depth and throwing the ball to the correct place on the target (following standards).  A coaches job is not to go around the room and make sure everyone is meeting standards.  The coaches explain in great detail the standards of the basic movements before they are to be done.  It is not the coaches job to re-explain the standards that you didn't listen to or to remind you "how many double unders is it again?" which is written on the board.

Role of the Community...
The role of the community is not so much to teach, see and correct, as it is to encourage and hold your fellow athletes accountible to do the workout with integrity.  I am not saying you can't help out and give feedback to your partner, but I am saying we have qualified, trained coaches who do this for a living and are always available for questions.  There should be a healthy pressure within the community to do every movement with integrity and every score you write on the board is a score that you actually got, not one you almost got.    

If we can all trust each other to do our part, I anticipate great things to come!