Thursday 12/3/2015

5x5 Muscle Clean to Strict Press

400m Run
18 Push Press 95/65
18 Hang Power Cleans
18 Front Squat
500 m Row

From the Coach...
"Sure I'm fitter and I can do things I've never done, but I'm not losing any weight...."  Have you said it?  Are you saying it now?  Is this you?

Typically we measure your performance.  Each time you write your score on the white board you are recording your performance for that day.  In essence, you are measuring  "work capacity over broad time and modal domains..." or, in other words, your fitness.  We know without a doubt that as your performance (fitness) increases, physical markers like body fat will decrease and lean tissue will increase (muscle).


What if the extra weight is greatly inhibiting your performance?  Or, you are improving, but just not fast enough?  Or you just want to look different?  Or, your life and health depend on it?  For many people it is very necessary to specifically measure different aspects of your body composition as well as monitor your nutrition in order to achieve the body that is most optimal for you.    We know some of you want help.  We know some of you need help.  And because we are in the business of helping you reach your goals and potential, we want to help.  Stay tuned because in the coming weeks we will be launching a new initiative that is, without a doubt, going to help you lose weight.