Long Wednesday 25/2/2015

OPEN KICKOFF TONIGHT!!!  SEE EVERYONE AT 7:30!!!  Tonight will set the course for the next 5 weeks.  Everyone is invited regardless if your "Opening" or not!  

5x5 Bench Press 

WOD -  20 min cap
25 OHS 95/65
400 m run
-3min rest-
25 bar facing burpees
400 m run
-3 min rest-
25 power clean 95/65
400 m run

From the Coach...
Everyone, I mean everyone, needs to know their numbers.  Pen and paper, phone app, google doc, snapshot of the whiteboard, or even a comment on this blog.  Find a way to have a written record of everything you do.  

"Weak Ink is better than a strong memory." - Chinese Proverb