Heavy Work/Rest Tuesday 3/2/2015

Level Up Practice/Testing (15 min)

Example  - I am stuck on the 5 unbroken pull ups.  
1.  5 min - Grab smallest band possible and perform 3 Strict Pull Ups every 30 seconds.
2. 5 min -  Hit 5x10 tight, gymnastic kips with no knee bend.
3. 5 min -  Hit 5x5 ring rows with your feet as forward as your technique and strength allow.

6 rounds for reps
30 sec power clean @ 155/105
30 sec rest
30 sec pull up
30 sec rest

From the Coach...
Step 1 - Find what motivates you. 
Step 2 - Surround yourself with what motivates you.
Step 3 - Perform better than you thought you could.
Step 4 - Skank
Step 1 - I am motivated by people watching.  As a competitive athlete, my goal is to inspire.
Step 2 - Shamelessly call in the 6pm class to scream and yell while I try to get 5 reps that I don't think I can hit and have never done so before.
Step 3 - Hit the first rep easy, get a burst of confidence, get the next 3, and feed off the crowd for a slow and painful 5th.  
Step 4 - Skank

***If you are stuck on Step 1...99 percent of the time I come up with "good people."