Skills Thursday 12/2/2015

Level Up!

Example training day for strict handstand push up...
EMOM for 5 min - Max strict hspu (scale with abmats, 5 negatives if you can't do one)
EMOM for 5 min - Freestanding handstand practice
EMOM for 5 min - 3 reps strict press to top of head (heaviest possible)

WOD - 18 min cap
50 OHS - 45/35 (Scale if can't get below parallel)
50 Single Arm DB Push Jerk  (25 each arm)
50 Broad Jump (Rx is clearing 3 squares - 60 inches) 
100 Double Unders
3 Rope Climbs

From the Coach...

 B.C. Comic by John Hart Studios

B.C. Comic by John Hart Studios