What is Reebok CrossFit 673?

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We are a CrossFit gym in Berakas, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. Every evening, the clients that walk through our doors come in all shapes and sizes. The classes we provide cater to everyone - from your average teenager to desk-bound officers, ages 16 to 60.

The workouts change everyday, but one thing is constant: our dedication to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Our Classes


CrossFit Classes

In CrossFit classes, a coach will guide you through a group warm up, lead you in a skill/strength session before finally introducing you to the work out of the day. Workouts are constantly varied; class timings can be found here.


Iron Mikes' Barbell Club

We run a barbell club programming, specializing in the two main olympic weightlifting movements: the snatch & clean and jerk. There are no daily classes for the barbell club, but interested athletes can find out more about the club here.

Our Community : @reebokcrossfit673

Location & Operating Hours



#12 Simpang 145, Jalan Pasir Berakas, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

CrossFit Classes

8:30am - 9:30am : Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
5:00pm - 6:00pm : Mondays to Fridays
6:00pm - 7:00pm : Mondays to Fridays
7:00pm - 8:00pm : Mondays to Fridays
4:00pm - 7:00pm : Saturday Open Gym
*For 24hr access, please email to inquire.


Join Our Community


Every CrossFit beginning starts with the foundation series. Our foundation classes are designed to gently introduce to you the various movements and technique involved in our regular classes. We'll take you through the basics of gymnastics movements, provide hands-on experience for you to practice what you've learned in workouts, and give you a taste of what becoming a member here feels like. 

Read more about class schedules here.

Foundations/One Time Fees


Our classes run at hourly intervals every weekday, starting from 5pm. Monthly membership holders are welcome to join as many classes as they like throughout the week,  including open gym sessions in the weekend. 


Read more about class schedules here.

Unlimited classes for a month at Reebok CrossFit 673.

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